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What are BLUE Bucks?

One Blue Buck - Be Responsible - Let's Be Safe - Use Kind Words - Everyday Everyone - Picture of Wildcat

B: Be Responsible

L: Let's Be Safe

U: Use Kind Words

E: Everyday Everyone

How_do_students_earn_BLUE_Bucks? Card IconHow do students earn BLUE Bucks?

Teachers and staff give BLUE Bucks to students who are being responsible, being safe and using kind words. 

What_do_students_do_with_the_BLUE_Bucks? Card IconWhat do students do with the BLUE Bucks?

Students put their BLUE Bucks in their classroom's BLUE Buck container. On Thursday afternoon their teacher turns in their classes BLUE Bucks to the BLUE Buck Bucket in Mr. Vigario's office.

What_are_Friday_raffles? Card IconWhat are Friday raffles?

On Fridays during morning announcements BLUE Bucks are picked from the bucket and the winners get to come to go to the office and claim their prize. Prizes are typically gift cards to local places, such as Jamba Juice, Target, Starbucks etc..

What_are_BLUE_Rallies? Card IconWhat are BLUE Rallies?

The last Friday of the month after morning announcements the entire school gathers on the playground to celebrate. We dance, we sing, we learn what it means to be BLUE and students get to see their teachers compete is fun and silly games. It's a great way to end the month and to celebrate Babcock's awesome students and staff!

What_is_the_Game_Room? Card IconWhat is the Game Room?

During the BLUE Rally the last Friday of the month 5 BLUE Bucks are picked and those 5 students get to chose a friend and go to the Game Room. The Game Room is a fun room on campus with games such as air hockey, basketball and foosball.